More About Passengers — Attribute Sneak Peak


This article is intended to provide additional details of the upcoming Passenger NFTs. If you’re unsure what we’re talking about — reading the article All About Passengers might be a good idea!

Passenger Attributes

Each Passenger will pay you a fare in exchange for transporting them. The amount paid out is based on the Passenger’s rarity. In addition to that, every Passenger has a Happy Passenger Criterion. If you manage to meet it, they’ll be so thrilled, they’ll throw some extra Tocium your way.

Happy Passenger Criteria Per Region

The inclusion of Passengers will give players new ways to optimize rail runs, and each Passenger will offer additional incentives that will further balance station and region visits.

Happy Passenger Criteria Per Rarity

Individual Passenger Attributes

In preparation for the Tocium Sales beginning January 17th, below are the individual Passenger NFTs.

NOTE: While unlikely at this point, the attribute numbers are subject to change.

Passenger Cars

The Centuryverse inhabitants won’t be huddling together on a Centerbeam Rail Car any time soon — they travel in style. That’s why we’re also releasing six Passenger Cars alongside the Passengers — one for each level of rarity.


🏗️ Discord Development Update

Friday January 14th, 2022

🐷 Tales from the Rails — Piggy Back Ned #2

Sunday January 16th, 2022

🚃 Passenger / Passenger Car Pack Sales— Week 1 Tocium Sale

Monday January 17th, 2022
(Whitelist criteria is covered in All About Passengers)
Whitelist tickets must be claimed from

-Passenger Packs
-Slack Pack (3:00 PM EST) — Qty 362— 10,000 Tocium
-Max Pack (3:05 PM EST) — Qty 175– 25,000 Tocium
-Passenger Car Packs
-Slack Pack (3:00 PM EST) — Qty 456–12,500 Tocium
-Max Pack (3:05 PM EST) — Qty 221– 31,250 Tocium
-Passengers & Passenger Car Packs
-Mix Pack (3:00 PM EST) — Qty 78 — 75,000 Tocium



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